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How to Operate the SafetyUpdated a year ago

Extar Firearm Safety Manipulation Demonstration

Extar firearms use the same trigger group pattern as the ubiquitous AR-15 pattern, and the operation of the trigger and safety is the same as an AR-15, M4, or other firearm sharing that trigger group.

When the hammer is cocked, the user can use the fire-control selector on the left side of the firearm to switch between "FIRE" (the top position) and "SAFE" (the position to the left). The safety is a cross-bolt design that prevents the trigger from being pulled when in the "SAFE" position. Users should never count on the cross-bolt safety and attempt to pull the trigger of a loaded firearm without aiming it at something that they are willing to destroy.

The safety cannot be moved to "SAFE" if the hammer is not cocked. You can see this demonstrated in the above video. If you want to put the firearm on safe, first pull back the charging handle to confirm that the hammer is cocked or to cock the hammer. Then move the safety from the up "FIRE" position to the forward "SAFE" position.

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