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How to Operate the Bolt CatchUpdated a year ago

Extar Firearm Bolt Catch Manipulation Demonstration

Extar firearms use the same bolt catch as the ubiquitous AR-15 pattern, and the operation of the bolt catch is the same as an AR-15, M4, or other firearms sharing that design element.

Since the EP9 is a semi-automatic firearm, there is a recoil spring that returns the bolt home whenever it is pulled back and released. When the firearm is unloaded, pulling the bolt back and releasing will not cause the bolt to stay back. Locking the bolt back or "open" requires using the bolt catch.

The bolt catch has two functions: the bolt release and the bolt lock. To lock the bolt open, pull the bolt back, press the bolt lock paddle, then release the bolt. You must be holding the bolt lock paddle until you have released the bolt, as the pressure from the recoil spring on the bolt catch is what keep the bolt catch from returning to "open".

To release the bolt or "send it home" you can press the bolt release paddle in with your thumb. With a brand-new firearm, it may be difficult to press the paddle and release the bolt, depending on your strength level. This will get easier as you use the firearm more. 

Additional Info:

When firing, the bolt will automatically lock open after the last round has been fired. This makes it very easy to reload the firearm by dropping the magazine, inserting a loaded magazine, and then pressing the bolt release paddle to chamber a round. This means that anytime an empty magazine is inserted into the firearm and the bolt is moved back manually, the bolt catch will automatically engage and lock the bolt open. 

When the bolt is locked back, you do not have to use the bolt release paddle to release it. Alternatively, you can use the charging handle to draw the bolt back slightly, and this will release the bolt catch, allowing the bolt to close when released to chamber a new round. This is recommended for those that find pressing the bolt release paddle with their thumb too difficult.

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