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EP Pistol Protective Cover InstallationUpdated a year ago

How To Install the EP Pistol Protective Cover

WARNING: Before starting, ensure that your firearm is unloaded and that the area is clear of all ammunition.


Before installing the EP Pistol Protective Cover, remove the brace on your EP9. The EP9 has only shipped with braces that are fit by friction. Removing the brace should be a simple process:

  • For the Extar Stabilizer, pull straight back to remove the brace.
  • For SB Tactical Braces, direct compressed air into the hole in the back of your brace then slide it off. If you do not have an air compressor, it can be removed by pulling with enough force.
  • After removing the brace: Remove the indexing key from the back of the receiver extension. It can be pulled straight off with a slight wiggle to assist.

To Install the EP Pistol Protective Cover:

  • Now that your receiver extension is bare, take the foam cover and push it onto the receiver extension. It may help to stand the pistol up on the muzzle and then push down, with a slight turning movement in order to slide the foam on.
  • With the foam cover on, push on the rear cap.

You are all done! Happy shooting.

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